Will you take part in Black Friday?

It Is tomorrow again. Will you, you; and you participate?

All you need to do is wear something black. It can just be a neck tie, a shirt, blouse, T-shirt etc… You sare breaking no law and not engaging in violence. But you are sending a powerful message to the idiots ruling Zambia right now. They need to restore fuel and maize susbsidies. They should not take us the same dark tunnel Chiluba and his tandem of thieves like Sata did under the misguided Structural Adjustment Programme under which they sold everything we owned but stole the proceed.

Is it not interesting that the same elements like World Bank  who cheered Chiluba on are the same people supporting the current round of rubbish under Sata?

Zambians have declared a ‘black Friday’ as a sign of mourning mother Zambia against increased cost of living under the PF that has been wasting money on induced by-elections, large cabinet, and corruption.

A consortium of Non-Governmental organisations including YALI, SACCORD, Church Mother bodies, and others have called on people regardless of their political affiliation to wear black attire as a show of mourning for deteriorating standards of life us majority of poor Zambians have been consigned to death at the expense of the few people in government.

Levy Mwanawasa worked very hard to put Zambia’s agriculture where it today by supporting famers through subsidies but will you allow these lunatics destroy the only industry that sems to be doing fine at the time?

Why should the PF regime subsdise by-elections and a huge cabinet instead of fudning our staple food?

If you can’t wear black for religious or health reasons, at least play ‘Bufi’ on your radio or Phone; the whole day.



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