William Banda accuses Muvi TV of bias

Acting Lusaka Province Chairperson William Banda has accused MUVI Television of biased reporting against the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD). Mr. Banda claims the TV station is focusing on negative reporting about the MMD.

He says the party does not want to be confrontational with the media adding that the alleged biased and unprofessional conduct by MUVI TV News would force people to resort going to the courts of law. Mr. Banda was reacting to a story aired on MUVI Television which stated that women from

SOS Compound in Lusaka had resorted to sleeping at the graveyard for fear of being attacked by cadres believed to have been sent by Mr. Banda over land wrangles.

And Mr. Banda says the party will not condone people insulting Republican President Rupiah Banda.

He says people who are insulting the President should understand that he holds the high office in the country. And Mr. Banda says the party is working tirelessly in Lusaka to ensure that it wins seats in the capital during the forthcoming 2011 general elections.

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