William Banda advises Sata on fake supporters

MMD Lusaka province chairman William Banda has advised President Michael Sata to be cautious with people claiming to be very close to him.

Banda told QFM that in the event that Sata leaves office ; it is most likely that they would be the first people to denounce him.

He said such behaviour can be evidenced from the MMD where party sympathizers, barely three days after the general elections, started denouncing the party they have been with just to win favours from the new government.

Banda stated that only the loyal and principled follower would stick to Sata in a case where he loses an election.

The MMD provincial chair advised members of political parties to be always loyal and confident with their leaders.

Last week, Banda was quoted saying that he would die for former president Rupiah Banda and will stick to him even if it means putting his head on the chopping board.


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