William Banda threatens to tell the truth about Rupiah

William Banda threatens to tell the truth about Rupiah

Veteran politician William Banda has warned former President Rupiah Banda against talking nonsense or he will force him to start disclosing what he, Rupiah wanted to do when he realised that he lost the 2011 elections but before the Electoral ComCommission of Zambia announced the full results.

Mr Banda said Rupiah Banda will do well to keep quiet and not contribute to the problems that have engulfed the country.

He says Mr Banda should not blame the UPND for the current political tension in the country.

Mr. Banda who once served at State house as one of the presidential aides has told Journalists in Lusaka that remarks by the former Head of State are damaging and divisive.
He says what the people expect from statesmen like Mr. Banda is to play a reconciliatory role after realizing that there are divisions in the country as a result of last year’s general election.

And former Lubansenshi Independent Member of Parliament and now UPND Member Patrick Mucheleka says it is common knowledge that the UPND has not forgotten about last year’s elections because they have questioned the legitimacy of President Edgar Lungu in court.


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