William Banda will destroy the country, warns clergyman

ANGLICAN Cathedral of Holy Nativity dean Fr Samuel Zulu has warned that Lusaka Province MMD chairman William Banda will destroy the country with his violent messages.

In an interview yesterday, Fr Zulu expressed displeasure that Banda was brewing violence in the country and the government was not doing anything about it.

“Whenever William Banda opens his mouth, he speaks nothing but violence. I wonder what the government is doing about it. If I had a way, I would not be paying the TV licence because William Banda is given a lot of coverage and doesn’t say anything positive,” he said. “If William Banda was from the opposition, the government would have shut him a long time. Look at what happened in Mufumbwe, who started that violence, it was William Banda. That man should be put in his right place because he is not doing anyone good.”

Fr Zulu said peace was important in the country and that if the government was not careful, Banda would destroy it with his violence.

He said if Banda wanted to fight, he should go somewhere else because he was a danger to the security of the nation.

“Wherever you hear William Banda, you will hear violence. Enough is enough, William Banda is not President Rupiah Banda, his violence should be stopped before he drags the country into war. Why is the government allowing William Banda to do whatever he wants? Why is the government not doing anything about William Banda and why is the government supporting his violence,” he wondered.

Fr Zulu said the government should wake up from its slumber and cage Banda because his violence was getting out of hand.

“William is brewing destruction in this country and if he is not stopped, I can assure you that other political parties are going to think that violence is the way to solve issues and they will join in the violence and what is going to become of this country? William Banda should be stopped, and now!” said Fr Zulu.


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