Willie Nanda getting desperate, worried about RDA probe

Willie Nanda getting desperate, worried about RDA probe

Road Development Agency (RDA) chairman Willie Nsanda is said to be getting desperate as chaos gets worse in the outgoing ruling party, PF.

People close to Nsanda say the gentleman is extremely worried of RDA being investigated if another person takes over as president of the country.

‘So far, only Edgar Lungu has promised to cover up the rot at RDA and that is why Nsanda is pumping in huge sums of money stolen from RDA,’ a source close to Nsanda said.

Sources says its just a matter of time before Nsanda switches loyalty to Miles Sampa if things begin to appear that he is the one to be adopted as official PF candidate.

“The problem is that, in trying to cover up the corruption and general theft that occurred on the past, he is now stealing more to make sure his preferred candidate becomes president,’ the source said.

The source explained that Nsanda is also under pressure from Chinese businessmen he dubiously awarded contracts, as they fear to lose these contracts and be prosecuted.

The source said Nsanda has been telling these Chinese businessmen to give him more money to ensure that a president who will protect them from their corrupt activities is elected.

But the events of the past few days have really depressed Nsandsa as he is receiving phone calls from financiers for assurance that Lungu will be elected president of Zambia.

The source said Nsanda has hinted that he is ready to strike a deal with whoever will be adopted by the PF as long as they pledge to protect him.

Nsanda is one of the main financiers of the Edgar Lungu team.

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