Cry beloved country: Willie Nsanda to be appointed minister of defence

Cry beloved country: Willie Nsanda to be appointed minister of defence


Nsanda is a notorious thug

PF’s Edgar Lungu has promised to appoint notorious thug Willie Nsanda as defence minister if he wins the presidential by-election, according to the latest revelations from inside the PF.

Lungu has already promised Nkandu Luo the position of vice-president but now it appears Inonge Wina also wants the same portfolio.

Emmanuel Mwamba will be appointed minister of Information and broadcasting. Antony Mukwitwa will become permanent secretary for the ministry of information. Brian Hapunda will be State House spokesperson.

Alexander Chikwanda will be maintained at ministry of Finance to recover the money he is spending on sponsoring Lungu and also cover up other corrupt activities.

Xaviour Chungu will bounce back as director of the intelligence.

Sources further revealed that Edgar Lungu has promised Emmanuel Musonda Mpakata the current ZICTA board chairperson the position of Communications Minister. Yamfwa Mukanga Energy. A Mr. Chilubanama PS communication. Mulenga Sata Local Government and housing Minister. Keith Mukata Minister of Justice. Valentine Chitalu nominated MP and Minister of Commerce to replace Bob Sichinga.

Frank Bwalya has been promised some job but it is not yet clear which one it is. Sources in PF says Frank Bwalya needs money desperately as he no longer has access to church money but needs to pay rent and eat. Sources say people that have been keeping Bwalya are now tired. When Sata won elections in 2011, Bwalya demanded to be given a scholarship to go and study law in Europe but Sata said told him to apply for such a scholarship from the British Council. Bwalya then was appointed chairperson for Zesco but resigned in frustration. He is now back in full swing campaigning for Edgar Lungu.

Sources in PF say apart from his desperation to block any attempt at investigating RDA, Nsanda wants to make money from contracts in the ministry of defence.

Nsanda believes that it easier to make money in the military because its operations are not as fully scrutinised as other government wings.

All in all, the cartel surrounding Lungu are spending some personal money since Guy Scott has for now blocked their access to state funds which they wish to abuse. Once they win elections, they will move to recover what they have spent, plus interest from taxpayers money.

Just like he is not in charge of his campaign programme, Lungu will not be in charge of his government. Appointments will be made for him and he will just be endorsing to honour the cartel sponsoring him.

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