Willie Nsanda

As long as people like Willie Nsanda remain in politics, then politics will remain dirty and will continue attracting less and less people of good virtues. Willie Nsanda should be the last person to call someone a foreigner or a thief because we know him. He is both. Nsanda is a Congolese and came to Zambia a grown up person. He was brought into the country by a person called General Collins Mumba. Nsanda settled in a compound in Kitwe called Zambia compound just next to Garneton Township or others call it Itimpi.
Nsanda’s specialisation was repairing motorcycles and Scooters. He started stealing motorcycles and dismantle them then reassemble and sell them to unsuspecting customers including Congolese. Willie Nsanda was one of the early targets of the Anti-Robbery squad in Kitwe. Ask Brenda Muntemba. She was one of the officers at Riverside Police. Willie Nsanda then graduated to motor racing. From Motor racing he new people like Barry Golf in Kitwe. Nsanda then graduated to become one of the country’s first Cobalt Thief. Yes cobalt thief. He started spilling oil on the rail line from Chambeshi Cobbalt plant to Kitwe. Because of the slippery caused by deliberate spilling of oil, the train could derail then Nsanda and team of thugs from Zambia compound could loot the Cobalt. That is how Nsanda ventured into transport business and created a company called Circle line it was registered as KT 332.By this time his son Mwila had become very popular in motor racing whilst studying at Mindolo Secondary School. Mwila had a coloured girlfriend called Ingrid. Nsanda grabbed the son’s Girlfriend and later married her. They have now divorced because “Ingrid is too fat”.
When Mwila who is suspected to have died with an HIV related illness was on his death bed, Nsanda teased his only son and said “Wamona Ndalama shandi Shakwipaisha” Meaning have you seen my money has caused you to die. That is Nsanda. Let Nsanda tell us which village in Chinsali he hails from.
Nsanda’s father like Fred Mmembe’s father are not known though they both claim from Chinsali. May be they have one father. How else can one explain the coverage Mmembe is giving to Nsanda whom during the intra PF wrangles described as a useless thug. By the way it is GBM who was giving Nsanda money that he used to give that boy called Kamalo the so called President of the Fourth Republic to denounce Wynter Kabimba. Nsanda is a just a twit and as long as we have such idiots in politics forget.

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