WILSA: people who boycotted NCC have been vindicated

The Women in Law in Southern Africa (WILSA) has observed that the ruling MMD’s influence in the National Constitution Conference (NCC) deliberations has vindicated all those who decided to boycott the process.

WILSA executive director, Ms. Hope Khumalo says it is evident that the constitution making process has become politically motivated and that the ruling MMD will not allow any clause perceived to work against them.

Mrs. Khumalo says the MMD is responsible for all the recommendations which Zambians made to the Mung’omba Constitution Review Commission, but have been rejected by the NCC.

She states that the MMD government has only allowed the adoption of clauses that are in their interest and rejected those in the interest of the people
Mrs Khumalo cites the adoption of the degree clause for a presidential candidate as some of those clauses which the MMD pushed through, while referring the 50% 1vote clause to the referendum


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