Wina cuts short UN meeting to take over presidency as Lungu goes to Joburg hospital

Wina cuts short UN meeting to take over presidency as Lungu goes to Joburg hospital

Vice-President Inonge Wina Monday evening was said to be on her way   from New York to take up the presidency as substantive president Edgar  Lungu proceeds to South Africa’s Milpark Hospital.

Meanwhile, Willie Nsanda, the Roads Development Agency (RDA) board chairman is also in coma at the same Milpark Hospital in South Africa with the same rare throat cancer and some Kidney  complications.

Highly placed State House sources have revealed that Lungu ideally would have been taken to India or UK, but the condition does not allow him to travel that far as he is unable to eat solid foods.

Inonge Wina

Inonge Wina.

Lungu’s advance party left Monday afternoon for South Africa. He is likely to evacuated on Tuesday after Wina arrives but he has temporarily been discharged from Lusaka’s Maina Soko Military Hospital.

Lungu is scheduled to undergo a complicated throat surgery over his now confirmed throat cancer that has even led to his voice becoming  inaudible.

The decision to evacuate Lungu was arrived at a meeting last night that was first held at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later shifted to State House where a medical condition statement was eventually issued at around 01:00 hours.

As predicated by the Zambian Watchdog even before elections, State House has now confirmed that Lungu’s health condition is worse and not the malaria they initially claimed.

During the run-up to the January 20th elections, the Watchdog revealed that Lungu was operating on one kidney as the other one was gone due to heavy beer drinking.

In fact the Watchdog have in possession Lungu’s medical documents showing his internal organs are severely damaged but could not publish them on humane reasons.

State House tried to accuse innocent female mosquitoes of being responsible for Lungu’s collapse when he is heavily protected against the same.

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