Wina deliberately set-up by the system to land at UPND/ADD meeting in Western province

Wina deliberately set-up by the system to land at UPND/ADD meeting in Western province

The helicopter carrying vice-president Inonge Wina on Sunday  landed at an ADD/UPND meeting at Katongo Basic School in Mongu.

Mrs Wina was ‘warmly’ welcomed by the ululating ADD/UPND women but was quickly surrounded by her security detail when they realised they were at a wrong destination.

She and her delegation were hurriedly led back to the helicopter and flew away disappearing fast than they came.

Apparently she had mistaken the women donning ADD and UPND regalia for opposition members she has been told would be defecting to the ruling PF.

The meeting was being addressed by ADD president Charles Milupi.

Mrs Wina has been struggling to address meetings in the province because most people view her party the PF as a club for criminals and liars.

Sources in her delegation say Mrs Wina is worried about the results of the 8 local government by elections as they are viewed as a litmus test for her following in the province.

Mrs Wina has been facing growing resentment by a clique led by Nkandu Luo who believed they deserved the vice presidency because the regions they hail from Luapula, Northen and Muchinga gave Lungu the presidency and not western province.

Mrs Wina together with Western province minister Richwell Siamunene have been abusing government resources and vehicles in the province to try and influence the results in the PF favour.

She had earlier visited Limulunga palace where she met the Kuta before paying a courtesy call on the litunga.

The source in her entourage said Mrs Wina’s enemies in the PF are hoping the PF loses all the local government seats in the province hoping the result could force President Lungu to replace her.

The source further said Mrs Wina is aware that president Lungu has complained to some people that her appointment has not benefited him or the party and might already be searching for her replacement.

The by election in Katongo ward was caused by the defection of ADD councillor Mwiya Liyalii after being promised adoption and financial rewards by Wina.

The ADD has fielded Mbanga Mbangu who is also being supported by the UPND.


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