Wina meets MMD, FDD, Independent MPs over bill 10

Wina meets MMD, FDD, Independent MPs over bill 10

Inonge Wina meeting PF, MMD, FDD and Independent MPs and bulldoze then to vote in favour of amputating constitution.

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    CHIPUTE 1 week ago

    Next will be a caucus with five prominent UPND mps from Southern province who have shown willingness to vote with PF. All they want is surity that their vote will be secret.

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    Nyambe the Hero 1 week ago

    Nevers Mumba is at least way better than Nawakwi of the Carrington maize scandal whose proceeds she used to buy a farm.

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      Muchalao 1 week ago

      Mumba has also called the VP to ask for an envelop in order to allow his Mps to vote with PF.

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    Muntu 1 week ago

    It means Nevers Mumba has no control. How can his MPs be having meetings under his nose. Another is lack of integrity. Being promised brown envelope. This is to show you that MMD and FDD are still corrupt even in opposition. Why didnt they call UPND MPs for a meeting?

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    MUNYENGE 1 week ago

    Problem with the majority of the Zambian citizens is that you like to speculate and gossip. Her honor the vice president means well to call for this caucus meeting. Bill 10 has merits in it which if adopted will take Zambia to greater heights in terms of democratic governance and economic independence. The MPs that will vote to ensure that Bill 10 goes through will be part of great history for Zambia. 2030 is around the corner and only a good constitution will enable the country become a middle income nation by 2030. Instead of UPND doing something useful as an opposition by voting for bill 10, they will regret not being part of history for liberation of Zambia in terms of governance. ECL is doing a great job in unifying Zambians by taking developments to all parts of Zambia through the link Zambia project.PF have done an incredible job and need to be praised. All citizens want a dual carriage way done from Lusaka up to Ndola and the PF will do exactly that!!!! For any country to develop in the world it needs to have proper roads, schools, hospitals, airports, good constitution and Zambia is on the right tract. Lets give ECL and PF another mandate of 5 years come 2021 so that they make Zambia a paradise. HH will just embrace homosexuality and privatize the remaining government institutions. IFINTU NI LUNGU!!!!!!!!!!

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    samlindo 1 week ago

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    The fact that the letter has leaked means there’s hope that common sense will prevail.

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      Zambia 1 week ago

      What leacking? This is not a secret letter or a secret meeting. They call it caucus of the common goal .