Wind of change can’t be blocked forever

Wind of change can’t be blocked forever

By Emmanuel Chilekwa

Oppression, intimidation, suppression, threats, buy-outs, silencing tactics have never worked, and can last for an evening but only last for a short time.

The world has had Adolf Hitlers, Pic Bothas, Idi Amins, Roy Welenskys and all… but NONE of them ever achieved to silence TRUTH and FACTS and rejection of their tacts.

Yes, sometimes, it becomes a long long meandering road, like the 40 years in the wilderness, they ultimately arrived the Promised Land.

The problem with truth is that it doesn’t matter how long suppression and oppression takes, TRUTH is so stubborn, it rejects going through the exit door so easily, it stays put.

Look at these figures :

$42million – Lusaka

$30million – Mwinilunga

$17million – Lusaka

To above figures, you can allot the products and actions associated with them.

Add to the above, we have unanswered positions from Power on Mukula revenue todate; on proceeds of Mineral wealth generally weighed against spiraling national debt. Where is the missing link?

The answer is simple – IT IS ALL MAN MADE, exacerbated by POWER players at large. So what is the essence of power?

This is amidst massive poverty, hunger, unfettered unemployment and policies distancing citizens from the economic fulcrums of the nation.

So, does it make one get amazed when the few courageous youths begin tasting the pungent pangs of pain in their livelihoods, lumped on the back of CORRUPTION allegations?

Does it amaze you when the same Image builders, promoters and vocal artists begin questioning Power on the precedences and prevalences of marginalisation abated by Power?

Does it amaze you when they begin reporting Power to account before the Anti Corruption Commission authorities?

Does it amaze you when associating with Power now becomes so embarrassing and questionably? Ordinarily, associating with Power, anywhere in the world should be a good thing. So, what has happened that the new normal now is so embarrassing associating with Power.?

There is apparent “rejection of the advent of the wind of change” for those in Power but for how long will they continue to bury heads in the sand? Will they withstand the desert wind, from the rising sand dunes as all the wind breakers appear to have withered down?

The New Normal is Abnormal, trust me.

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