Wind of change has began, says prof Lungwangwa



NALIKWANDA MMD member of parliament Geoffrey Lungwangwa says the wind of change which will see PF out of government next year has begun. Professor Lungwangwa said people had suffered a lot under the PF regime.

“People are suffering because of the total mismanagement of the country. The wind of change has gone down all the way to the grassroots level where people are now feeling the effects of the total mismanagement; the rise in the cost of living is being felt everywhere. People are now seeing that things are not right and there is need to put in place a better management in the country,” he said. “We now have a consensus; we are going for a political consensus of what is critical now in our country, and that consensus is that of the need for a better management of the country. We have gone through at least two phases of political consensus; the independence stage in the 1960s and the multi-party stage of the 1990s, now it is the better management of the country that we need. That is the wave of the political consensus which I think everybody is in agreement with and it is that wind which will remove PF next year.”

The former education minister said the major campaign issue for the 2016 general elections will be to bring back the country from the wilderness of economic mismanagement. “The focus of 2016 general elections will be centered on the proper management of the country. We need a team that will change this country for the better because the PF has failed us. There are many indicators of the wind of change gravitating towards better management of the country,” Prof Lungwangwa said. “You have indicators like careless borrowing of money that has led into this country being a poor, indebted country. We have inconsistent policies, which are not giving any direction of where the country is going. We have high inflation rate, which is the high cost of living now. We have a decline in the value of the kwacha. The kwacha is getting more and more weak.” He said the arrogance of the PF leadership would cost the party victory in 2016. “The other indicator is arrogance of the PF leadership, which has fuelled discontent especially on tribal lines. Closure of universities and failure by the government to run these institutions is another indicator. All these are some of the indicators of the political wind of change gravitating towards better management of our country,” said Prof Lungwangwa.

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