Wind of change starts blowing from Kasama – Fr Bwalya

Alliance for Better Zambia leader Frank Bwalya says the wind of change has begun in Northern province and will blow to South, West and to East before coming to Lusaka.
And opposition NAREP president Elias Chipimo says President Michael Sata will not win the battle that he has started.
Fr Bwalya was arrested in Kasama for allegedly defaming President Sata said his arrest had signaled the beginning of change.
He said upon arrival in Lusaka on Wednesday that he feels baptized by the arrest and vowed never to be intimidated.
He said the arrest had also united the people of Northern province in general and Kasama in particular to change government. He said he learnt a lot while in dentition that people are resolved.
Fr. Bwalya expressed concern that the Police were operating under extreme political pressure making it difficult to exercise their professionalism in their operations. He said the wind of change that has begun in Northern province will be difficult for President Sata to comprehend when it comes to Lusaka.
He denied ever insulting Sata saying all he did was point out the failure of his regime.
And Chipimo who franked Fr. Bwalya said President Sata will not win the battle he has begun. He said the Zambian people will come out victorious on this battle. He has called on all Zambians to unit. He said if one opposition leader is arrested they should all come to offer solidarity.
Chipimo said President Sata was on the wrong side of history.

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