Winner to be announced today

Winner to be announced today

The winner of presidential bye-election is likely to be announced today (Saturday) around lunch hour if the process is not halted again due to suspicions of vote rigging.

Last night, the Electoral Commission of Zambia declared results from 20 more constituencies bringing the total number of constituencies verified to 141.

The remaining nine will be announced today along with the final winner.

From the 121 constituencies declared, Edgar Lungu, the candidate of the ruling party PF was leading by 27 000 votes against his main rival Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND.

Lungu polled 780,691 representing 48.43 %, while Hakainde Hichilema UPND got 752,850 or 46.70%. Other candidates are Nevers Mumba of MMD 13,971 or 0.87 % and Edith Nawakwi FDD 13,597 or 0.84%

Lungu and HH during Sata's funeral

Lungu and HH during Sata’s funeral

The remaining constituencies are
1 Kanchibiya Muchinga PF 4,527 UPND 488
2 Lukulu West Western PF 876 UPND 7,163
3 Chama South Eastern PF 2,801 UPND 908
4 Chama North Eastern PF 3,615 UPND 676
5 Mfuwe Muchinga PF 3,102 UPND 144
6 Mufumbwe North Western PF 1,200 UPND 8,400
7 Sikongo Western PF 1,267 UPND 4,194
8 Luena Western PF 326 UPND 3,844
9 Mafinga (to be verified)

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