Witchcraft fears rock PF

FEARS of witchcraft have rocked the opposition Patriotic Front as leaders jostling for adoption as members of Parliament (MPs) have reportedly been seeking spiritual intervention from witchdoctors to give them an edge against their internal and external competitors.

Some very senior members of the party, who were named, have allegedly been trekking to a named neighbouring country to undergo ‘treatment’ to ensure they emerge victorious in the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Impeccable sources told the Zambia Daily Mail the development has traumatised some members of the party, who are now living in fear after receiving warnings through some strange spiritual manifestations that they should not contest the elections .

A serving MP from Luapula Province said he had a frightening experience and almost drowned last month on Lake Bangweulu after the boat he was travelling in suddenly lost power amid a ferocious storm which almost capsized the vessel.

According to the named MP, this happened following numerous warnings by anonymous people that he should quit campaigning.

And another leader within the party is alleged to have been committing incest with his married daughter for witchcraft purposes in an apparent quest to give him good fortunes in his business and political pursuits.

The named leader has raised suspicions among his family members who are wondering how he has amassed a lot of wealth in a short period of time.

The family members said they are worried about his incestuous behaviour and have threatened to expose him.

“The boss is clearly vexed each time his son-in-law delivers the young woman to the office for work. He pours unpalatables bordering on sexuality on him.

“Unfortunately, the young man, maybe for fear of being beaten up, just withdraws quietly, but the whole situation has become very embarrassing and everybody now knows what is going on,” the source said.

And TEDDY KUYELA and KANYANTA KATONGO report that two Patriotic Front (PF) MPs have advised their colleagues from the opposition party to desist from practicing witchcraft as the party prepares for this year’s tripartite lections.

Luapula MP Peter Machungwa and Matero MP Faustina Sinyangwe said reports of witchcraft in the party are unfortunate and unhealthy to the opposition political party.
They said in separate interviews in Lusaka on February 20 that Zambia is a Christian nation and people practising witchcraft must be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians.

Dr Machungwa said Zambia will continue to be a Christian nation, and urged Zambians to continue to lift their country before Jesus Christ.

He said Zambia is built on Jesus Christ and that the Bible reigns supreme over everything that takes place in the country.

“I personally don’t believe in witchcraft, but I want to advise people who don’t believe in God and those who believe in witchcraft to turn to God because he is the only provider and Savior of humanity.

“Let these people also understand that Zambia is a Christian nation and that it is a sin for them to be practising witchcraft in a Christian nation,” Dr Machungwa said.

And Ms Sinyangwe said allegations of witchcraft will make sad reading to the nation if proved to be true.
“I am a believer and God-fearing person, and personally, I do not believe in witchcraft. It is sad that fears of witchcraft have rocked the party,” she said.

Ms Sinyangwe said if people start thinking about witchcraft, they can start harming one another just for leadership.

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