Witchcraft forces female teachers to flee Mkushi school

The practice of witchcraft where most female teachers are being forced into sexual activities in the night has led to most of them fleeing Mishingo primary school in Mkushi forcing district commissioner Luka Mwamba to appeal to residents to stop the evil practice.

Some teachers complained that the practice of having sex during their sleep was rife and was evidenced by the presence of seminal fluids on their private parts in the morning. The teachers complained that in some circumstances they found themselves outside their houses and naked.

Mr. Mwamba and some members of the community have expressed worry and called for an end to the evil practice fearing that the school may be forced to close if teachers flee in fear. He has however challenged the men to have courage to propose to the women in day time instead of using nocturnal cover.

Previously the same school was forced to close after the exercise got out of proportion. One teacher reportedly even got pregnant while another got sexually transmitted infection from the nocturnal sexual intercourse and a witch finder was called to exorcise the school, but the DC has ruled out any closures.

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