Witchcraft is real; change law, says freedom fighter

A Ndola based former Freedom Fighter Isaac Kanyanta has called on government to review the witchcraft Act to curb the increased cases of witchcraft in the country.

Mr. Kanyata says witchcraft incidences in the country cannot be ignored because many people were getting affected through acts of mere suspicions.

He was commenting in the light of a woman of Kitwe was subjected to instant mob justice which attempted burn her to death publicly but alert police saved her. However the victim reportedly died at Kitwe Central Hospital where she was admitted.

This was on the suspicion that she was responsible for the death of her daughter.

Mr. Kanyanta said witchcraft was real in Zambia and it was as old as man because in the olden days, chiefs used to invite exercises to cleanse their villagers from time to time and banish those who were involved in the scourge.

He advised government through parliament should in the next sitting table a bill to look at how people should be protected from mere suspicions.

He said there was also need for the Act to firmly deal with people who were practicing withcraft because it was retrogressive and a public shame for a country which called itself a Christian nation.

Mr. Kanyanta said the law must be explicit on how to deal with people found and proved to be practiciting withcraft so that people instances of the members of the public taking the law in their hands by administering instant mob justice should be minimized.

He said when the law is known and clear, it would help in handling matters of witchcraft lawfully and help society not to act out of emotions.

He said there has been several instances of some people falling from their wizard planes in the night and being found in their birth suits which has caused embarrassment in some instances but nothing tangible seemed to be done to curb the practice.

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