With Litunga swimming in PF money, Kuomboka date set, Sata invited

The 2013 Kuomboka Ceremony for the Lozi  speaking people of Western Province has been set for 20th April 2013.

Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) made the announcement through Induna Inete Akapelwa Silumbu at the Royal Kuta in Limulunga District on Wednesday.

President Michael Sata who has so far failed to officiate at several important national occasions such as Women’s and Youth Day has been invited as guest of honour.

It will be the first time president Sata will be stepping foot in Western province and gracing the occasion since assuming office which he cheated to honour the Barotse Agreement once elected.

Last year, at the height of plans to secede, the ceremony was cancelled after the Barotse Royal Establishment said some foreigners from the East were trying to impose themelves as Guests of honor.

But the Litunga has since been oiled and he will welcome the PF government to ride with him on the Nalikwanda.

The festival celebrates the move of the Litunga, King of the Lozi people, from his compound at Lealui in the Barotse flood plain of the Zambezi River to Limulunga on higher grounds.

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