Sata wants a fresh case against Dora

Sata wants a fresh case against Dora

President Michael Sata has ordered the Zambia Police through the Joint Investigations Team to find another criminal case on former Communication and Transport Minister Dora Siliya because he believes the State can’t win the on-going court case.

According to information from the Joint Investigations team obtained by the Zambian Watchdog, President Sata has instructed a Commissioner Masumba who is in-charge of the Joint Investigations team to work closely with expelled MMD National Secretary Richard Kachingwe in order to find any information that can crucify Ms. Siliya.

The source said President Sata has been closely monitoring the court case in which Siliya has been charged with abuse of office and believes there has been too much inconsistencies from prosecution witnesses. The source also said President Sata came to the conclusion of the State losing the case after Tourism Minister Silvia Masebo convinced him that there was nothing wrong with a Minister cancelling a duly advertised tender.

“ You know President Sata asked Masebo whether she was in order to cancel the ZAWA tender and dissolve the board and Masebo said there was nothing wrong, then Sata said then we are not going anywhere with the Dora Siliya case and that is when he instructed Police Inspector General to find something else” the source said.

The source said what was more embarrassing is that Ms Siliya did not cancel the Radar tender but Masebo canceled. The source said Siliya accepted a free offer because the government had no money at that time and that is the reason why late President Levy Mwanawasa cancelled the country’s hosting of the All Africa games.

Ms. Siliya is expected to appear before the joint investigations team today.

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