With Mwaliteta free, should we still search for Siandenge?

Don Kunda Luchanga
House No D14 Wusakile T/Ship


The Inspector General of Police
Zambia Police Headquarters
P.O Box…..

Dear Sir,


Refer to the above captioned matter.

Sir, should we, citizens, proceed with our long launched manhunt for former police Commissioner of Police, a Mr. Syandenge whom you said you so much wanted in to answer charges in connection with the capital offense against the acquitted former Kafue lawmaker Mr Obvious Mwaliteta and co-accused?

Am asking because I took interest in your appeal to the general public to trace the former Commissioner not only because of my patriotism to this country but that your K100, 000 reward is quite a jackpot enough to jump start my life for good, as a financially struggling citizen. In short, am still interested in your offer sir. Now does it still stands?

Your clarification is highly sought Sir.

Yours sincerely

Luchanga Don (Concerned Citizen)


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    Minister wihoutportfolio 7 months

    Wikala kwi? Njikala pa D14 Wusakaile, ayamba nukumulanshya, bayamba nokupangana kupana

  • D14 wusakile thats were na musonda in pk chishala song used to live.kkkkkkk awe so many pipo hv stayed at that house

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    So what has he achieved by being excited about elections. He doesn’t even know the president of America. Anyway in his great sense of humor ECL took a plasma screen at Chimbokaila for grade 9 Mwaliteta to be current.Takabwekeshepo kapala akalatina ne chinshingwa chakwe. For the first three months in his house dreams will be nightmares as he will be dreaming he is still in prison. He can’t even sue the state because he knows the secretes of his acquittal.Wish you the best Mwaliteta and well comeback to the civilized Zambia. By the way improve your education because ECL is no longer giving ministrial positions to grade 9s. And Honorary Doctorates are NOW going at $5,500.Consult your vice president GBM for further information. You can get one muli Buchintofwa.

  • Ba don nomba making headlines now

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    A K 7 months

    Don luchanga, u took de IG police & Pfools seriously.PF under its current leadership will never do sensible activity.

  • He must also jailed

  • House number D14 Wusakile township,is it not the same place where Na Musonda in P. K Chishala’s song used to stay.

  • Yaba…..Luchanga is a hero. Kikikikiki…….still fishing in an empty pond!