With or without reconciliation, we won’t release HH – PF

With or without reconciliation, we won’t release HH – PF

The PF regime says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will not be released even if there is reconciliation.

Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu says Edgar Lungu will not release  Hakainde Hichilema from prison even if they kissed and hugged today.

Speaking at a Patriotic Front interactive forum today,big headed (literally and metaphorically)  Makebi, who is also Malambo PF member of parliament, claimed that  Lungu dies not have powers to release HH.

He was responding to a question from one of the journalists who wanted to know in what capacity President Lungu “allowed” Catholic Bishops to visit HH when he constantly said he was not involved with his arrest.

“The President can only release some from custody after they have been convicted through a pardon. In between, there is no other process which secures a release. A visitation of someone who is in custody is not a release, so the two cannot be equated. And in this particular case, the Catholic Bishops have said they need to go and visit him for purposes of securing dialogue or indeed seeing to it that the parties dialogue over issues that they may have between UPND and PF or indeed UPND and government to facilitate for such dialogue. But I am sure that this dialogue does not include anything to do with the release of HH because the President does not have such powers. Assuming today that HH says ‘okay, what I did was wrong. I shouldn’t have gone in the manner I went about’, we have reconciled, we kiss and hug and make up, still the President would have no power to say ‘release him’ because he has no such powers in the first place,” Makebi said.

In reference to Catholic Bishops who have initiated dialogue, Makebi insultingly said:

“So whoever would want to facilitate the dialogue… in pursuit of that peace, we will not break any law. We will do everything by the book in order to achieve that peace. If today, there was a reconciliation as it is being referred to, still, the President would have no power to have him released from custody.”

He said he saw no need for Catholic Bishops to seek permission from Lungu to visit HH.

Ma Ba Makebi bacha

Big headed Makebi


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