With Sakeni sneaking out of the country for medication, Kapeya left to do the dirty job

PF Minister for propaganda Kennedy Sakeni has quietly sneaked out of the country for medication leaving Deputy Minister Mwansa Kapeya illegally acting.

Sources say Mr. Sakeni whose healthy, like that of his boss Michael Sata has been failing for a long time now, may have gone to India or South Africa after the pathetic and poor medical services he received when he was recently admitted at University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

The last time he was heard was when Fred Mmembe and his clique forced him to sign a statement from his hospital bed condemning former President Rupiah Banda for accusing Government of persecuting him through the ongoing investigations into his alleged wrongdoings while in office.

In his absence, ailing president Sata has illegally appointed deputy minister Mwansa Kapeya to be issuing propaganda statement till further notice.

According to cabinet procedures, Deputy ministers are not supposed to act in place of ministers and in their absence, another minister is appointed to act, but under PF anything has been possible.

But in order to conceal Mr. Sakeni’s absence, Mr. Kapeya yesterday issued a propaganda statement defending Mr. Sata’s wild claims that his government has created almost 1 million jobs since coming into office.

Many Zambians and credible institutions immediately trashed the figures as a usual rubbish sweet talk by the PF but Kapeya insisted his government has continued to make steady progress in job creation with over 195,000 jobs having been created in various sectors since coming in office in 2011.

Mr Kapeya said government has created about 9, 716 jobs in Central Government, 5, 257 jobs in Local Government and 24, 098 jobs in the private sector.

He added that a further 5, 510 new jobs have been actualised through the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) pledged investment as well as 5, 858 new jobs which have been approved for recruitment in the newly created districts around the country.

The Deputy Minister was reacting to insinuations by Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) that the PF government has not created any jobs since coming into power.

In a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Kapeya also said that jobs created in the parastatal sector totalled 29, 305 while those created in arts were 116,000 with real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) having grown by 7.3 per cent in 2012 compared to 6.8 per cent in 2011.

The Deputy Minister said it is, therefore, surprising that JCTR, for reasons best known to itself, has chosen to underplay the foregoing and other landmark achievements the Patriotic Front (PF) continues to score in uplifting the welfare of the Zambian people.

Mr Kapeya noted that JCTR is a well placed and respected organisation which is not expected to misguide the public on important national issues.

He said the allegations are untrue and unfortunate and wondered what criteria JCTR used to arrive at such assertions.

Mr Kapeya stated that the PF government remains resolute as demonstrated thus far in creating a better Zambia for all by putting in place a conducive environment for sustainable economic growth, job and wealth creation.

JCTR was reported in the media alleging that the Patriotic Front has not created any jobs since its coming into office in 2011.

National Coordinator for the organisation, Leonard Chiti was quoted as saying that all the 195,000 jobs have been created in the arts industry and that the development is of little impact on poverty alleviation and elimination.

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