With Sata saying he won’t run in 2016, succession battle slowly emerges in PF

With Sata saying he won’t run in 2016, succession battle slowly emerges in PF

Even GBM is eyeing the prewsidency

Wrangles are slowly emerging in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) government regarding the battle for a successor, especially with the recent confirmation in Msanzala bye-election campaigns where President Michael Sata hinted that he may not seek for re-election which he constitutionally qualifies.

Sata was widely quoted in various sections of the media saying he was merely cleaning-up the MMD mess and laying ground work for the next president in 2016.

Under the current constitution, PF vice president who is also Republican Vice president, Guys Scott, does not qualify to stand for election under the citizenship clause.

Mr. Scott is himself on record saying 10 years of PF rule was enough, a statement that was later condemned by some sections of the media aliened to the PF.

It is not clear what has suddenly made President Sata u-turn on the second term because when reminded of his old age during campaigns, he used to say he was strong enough to rule like Senagalese President Abudulawaye Wade.

According to the PF insiders, among those believed to be seriously eyeing the PF top post includes Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, PF Secretary General Winter Kabimba, and Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda.

Some insiders say Kabimba has gone on a massive recruitment drive for himself in the pretext of organising the party, especially that he is not in cabinet.

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