With the planting season over, govt tells farmers to patiently wait for fertilizer

The government has shamelessly told farmers who have not yet received the 2018/19 farming inputs not to worry but exercise patience as government tries to correct the situation.
With the planting season over, many farmers who paid k400 contributions towards the E–Voucher programme have not received their inputs.
Minister in the office of the Vice President Sylvia Chalikosa has claimed that the late card redeeming was because of lack of capacity by agro dealers to supply the farming inputs.
Most agro dealers are facing challenges to supply farming inputs to farmers because government did not fund them but asked them to use their resources and be paid later by government.
Chalikosa says government is engaging the Ministry of Finance to ensure that money is released and regretted that the farming season was coming to an end.
Chalikosa asked farmers and agro dealers to share ideas on the best way of implementing the E-voucher system that has continuously failed.
The government has continued to praise itself for distributing fertilizer ‘on time’ in January 2019 yet they should have done that in September 2018. The agriculture sector has continued to be mismanaged ever since the PF assumed governance in 2011.

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