Withdraw Chiluba’s benefits demands Nsanda

CHIMWEMWE PF member of parliament Willie Nsanda on Tuesday demanded that second Republican president Frederick Chiluba’s salary entitlement be withdrawn following his engagement in active politics, according to the Post Newspaper

And Katuba MMD member of parliament Jonas Shakafuswa said the political era of bullying others was long gone and that it is only unreasonable people that use government resources to gain political mileage.

Contributing to the debate on the President Rupiah Banda’s speech at the opening of the fourth session of the tenth National Assembly, Nsanda said the law of the land should be followed on the matter.

Nsanda, who did not expressly mention the name Frederick Chiluba in his debate, however, said when a president retires he should never get back to active politics.

“But today retired presidents are taking (government) workers to various political arenas,” Nsanda said.

Nsanda said it was commendable that former president Dr Kenneth Kaunda was involved in the fight against the deadly HIV/AIDS pandemic but that there was a former head of state who had been taking government entourages to provinces to go and support some political party.

“If a former president engages in politics he ceases getting paid. We need to follow the law so that some of them stop getting paid,” said Nsanda as energy and water development deputy minister Allan Mbewe signaled for a point of order.

Mbewe asked if Nsanda was in order to debate the way he was doing.

“…Debating so fluently, without realizing that whatever he is saying he is shooting himself in the leg,” he said. “In the previous regime it is this same former president who was supporting a certain political party.”

But some UPND and PF members asked Mbewe, amidst noise from both sides of the House, to reveal which former president he was referring to in his point of order because Nsanda had not mentioned a particular name.

“Which one?” the opposition parliamentarians asked Mbewe who responded: “Whichever former president that he has not mentioned but is he in order to mention that he is supporting a certain political party?”

Speaker Amusaa Mwanamwambwa did not make any ruling on Mbewe’s point of order and he urged Nsanda to continue with his debate.

Earlier Speaker Mwanamwambwa made a standard ruling that those parliamentarians that had been in the Executive but were now speaking from the bank bench or opposition side were free to criticize some of the decisions they were party to in the past.

The Post

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