Withholding tax, last nail in PF coffin

The issue of withholding tax is being implemented on the pretext of following the Law. However, there is a Law that is waved with impunity. Death sentence is still law in this Country, but somehow this Law is abrogated as no condemned prisoner is hanged. This Law has been waved because it’s not part of MWIBALA. Any Law that is outside MWIBALA is irrelevant. This is how Laws are enforced under the pro poor corrupt PF Government, very selective.

Over 80% of the Zambian population is unemployed and about 90 % live below the poverty datum line. Lets us also not forget where we are coming from as a Nation. HIV/AIDS ravaged most families, leaving most children as double orphans some who barely survive on renting out the property that was left behind for them. We also have retirees who are not yet paid by this Government but survive on rentals, they too will be punished.

The other scenario is where this poor old woman is looking after a chain of double orphaned grand children. The only means of survival with these orphans is by collecting rentals from the property left behind, which is not even enough to meet the needs to support them. Most families live on less than a dollar per day. This is what PF will be taxing in order to put more money in the pockets of PF officials who travel all over the World. This is being shameless and cruel.

Families no longer have the luxury of privacy, because even a two bed roomed house is rented. The landlord occupies one bedroom and the other one is rented out to a street vendor. This is just to try and make ends meet. Yet under this cruel PF Government this “landlord” is required to pay withholding tax. The Almighty God is watching how his children are being tortured and abused by this crooked PF regime. The Lord is saying “don’t worry my children very soon you will be liberated by HH and his UPND fixing team, just kick out this useless, ruthless PF regime”

There is also the issue of filing in returns; it’s highly unthinkable and nonsensical to expect this old woman (land lord) or street vendor (tenant) to file monthly returns. This is to be done monthly before 14th; otherwise this poor old woman or street vendor will incur penalties for non compliance. In the same vain this old woman will be punished for the case that she has not committed. For example, if you have a Times of Zambia, ZNBC or any Government employee as your tenant who is not paid on time, you incur penalties. There is also the issue of defaulting tenants who even run away with arrears. STOP THIS, ITS NONSENSE AND BRUTAL.

This nonsense of withholding tax will injure a lot of people and it’s a recipe to vote out this cruel PF regime, it’s the last nail in the PF’s coffin. Our campaign as UPND will be very easy as PF is on the course of self destruction. BA PF TWANAKA NAIMWE TABASHA BALONA JUST GO IN PEACE (We are tired of you PF don’t spoil this Country just go in peace.)

*Percy Chanda*

*UPND – Freedom Fighter and Chairman for Mines and Minerals Development*

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