Without rigging I would have won by 33, 000 votes – HH

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has charged that results of the January 20 presidential election has denied Zambians an opportunity for real economic transformation to benefit all citizens.

Mr Hichilema said the election result is a lost opportunity for Zambians to benefit from quality leadership.

He maintained that Zambians had voted for the UPND but that some staff at the Electoral Commission denied the Zambians an opportunity for real change.

Mr Hichilema was speaking when he featured on a special Hot Seat radio programme on Hot FM and syndicated to several other radio stations across the country broadcast from his New Kasama residence.

The UPND leader was flanked on the programme by his alliance partners such as ADD President Charles Milupi, Kasama Central MP Geoffrey Mwamba, Lunte MP Felix Mutati, Independent Lubanseshi MP Patrick Mucheleka and Dr Maureen Mwanawasa including Lameck Mangani.

Mr Hichilema also thanked Zambians for the support given to his campaign team and the record number of votes.

The Alliance Partners also reaffirmed their commitment to continue working together until the 2016 general election.

‘We are here to thank God for the guidance during the campaign. I reached out to all parts of Zambia and i was the only candidate who reached out across the country and our message was well received,’ Mr Hichilema said.

He added, ‘Zambians are depressed and they wanted leadership that will lift them out of poverty. We are thankful to God that he guided us throughout the campaigns. As you know, we were attacked throughout the campaigns, Dr Maureen Mwanawasa was attacked and one of our supporters was almost killed at Mongu accident but God saw us through.’

Mr Hichilema continued, ‘Thank you to the Zambians. I say you have been wonderful. Thank you for believing in HH’s ability and together with his team to turn around the economy. I meant well for the farmers, the civil servants and all the people of Zambia. We drove a campaign anchored on Zambia United so that all Zambians come together in peace.’

The UPND President also announced that he will next week embark on a countrywide tour to thank his supporters for the votes.

‘I will go round the provinces to thank the people of Zambia for their trust in us. Zambians can’t be blamed for the results. They did what they had to do but evil stole the election.’

He added, ‘We pray that Zambians sustains the belief in us, with God’s guidance there shall be a correction to this misdemeanour. God is looking and saying HH is my son, Maureen is my daughter, Mutati is my son and i know that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will find a way of remedying this injustice in no time.’

The UPND leader maintained that some staff at Electoral Commission of Zambia manipulated the results in favour of PF candidate Edgar Lungu.

‘I have great respect for Justice Mambilima, she is an excellent woman but some people at ECZ gave the results to Edgar Lungu. Where in the world have you seen an election won by 1 percent difference? He got 48 and i got 47 percent and that is 1 percent if you round off the figures, this election was stolen from us.’

Mr Hichilema claimed that the theft of votes took place at different stages of the electoral process.

‘The rigging started before voting, as you saw there was violence and that frightened some voters hence the poor voter turn. The next stage of stealing was at the polling station, at one ward polling station in Mongu Central, we got 291 votes but when they submitted to the totalling centres, they dropped 90 votes from me.’

Mr Hichilema continued, ‘Another example of rigging at the totalling Centre at the Constituency is in Lusaka Central. I got 8,000 votes and Edgar got 12,000 but at the national totalling centre, Edgar was given 15,000 votes, that is an extra 3,000. Here is a certificate from ECZ and this is another certificate from the ECZ showing different results.

If they can steal from Lusaka Central, all they need is 20 constituencies and Edgar would have 60, 000. Edgar was supposed to have won by 27,000, less 60,000 and I would have won by 33,000 votes.’

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