Wizard presidents don’t last in office, country suffers – Dr Mumba

Wizard presidents don’t last in office, country suffers – Dr Mumba

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 09.51.09MMD Leader Nevers Mumba says will not heed to advice to use witchcraft to win the republican presidency.

Speaking in Katete district in Eastern Province yesterday when he addressed party members, Dr. Mumba said people who have used witchcraft to ascend to the presidency do not last long in office and the nation undergoes a lot of anguish during their reign.

‘I want to speak about what somebody told me, he said Dr Mumba, these politics you have entered, the only thing that works is witchcraft, all the politicians have witches, sangomas, beads on their waists and in the night they do a lot of things to make them become MPs, Presidents,’ Dr Mumba said.

Dr Mumba said, ‘The only thing I have in my waist is my Bible and I am not scared because at the end of the day, those that become Presidents using fetishes, they don’t last and their lives are hell because when the devil gives you the presidency, he will be knocking every day, you have to pay me for giving you the presidency, blood, accidents, problems in the country which you can’t solve but for me, he can’t bother me because i don’t owe him anything. It is either Jesus or nothing else.’

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