Woman beaten by mob on witchcraft allegations dies

The National Initiative for Citizen’s Awareness (NICA) has strongly condemned the beating up of two women by a mob of Kitwe residents on suspicion that the duo were witches.

An unidentified woman in Kitwe was on Thursday beaten by an angry mob who also attempted to burn her on allegations that she was practicing witchcraft.
She was later rescued by police but she died in Hospital on Friday.
The same mob beat up the woman’s daughter and left her for dead.
Police say she is still unconscious in Hospital.

NICA president Kelvin Sampa described the actions of the mob as barbaric and unacceptable.

Mr. Sampa has since appealed to the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) to include laws that would punish witch doctors that prescribe unorthodox means to their clients.

He said there is also need to spearhead sexual and gender based violence campaigns by local communities in order for them to understand the importance of laws and human rights.

Mr. Sampa urged relevant authorities to arrest and charge the culprits for murdering the woman and attempting to burn her body.

The NICA president has since warned citizens in the country to desist from taking the law into their own hands as doing so will equally result in their prosecution.

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