Woman of gold exposed

Woman of gold exposed

Editor ,

Pastor Jude Machawi of Kitwe’s Riverside runs a church called FAITH WOMEN MINISTRIES which mostly comprises ladies from well to do families. She cunningly selects these ladies for personal gain and manipulation. Family Intel (especially of the husband) about a targeted would be member is obtained,the lady is approached with fake prophecy about how they live in the family with her hubby. The unsuspecting woman believes all she is told and asked to join the church for prayers and divinations falsely called prophecy.

What follows is plain manipulation and hyponotisation of poor unsuspecting souls through “anointing oil” and fetishes obtained from West African countries, which Pastor Jude frequents. This Pastor is showered with gifts and money by her followers who blindly believe she is leading them to the ‘promised land’ when in fact she a devil reincarnate! Pastor Jude’s church is reminiscent or runs along the lines of late Alice Lenshina of Lumpa gathering.

Most women in her church have lost their husbands through her fake lies/prophecy. Upon divorce properties and money that the church women get is shared with her.

Last weekend ‘Pastor Jude, great woman of God’ as she is fondly called by her blind followers,was called at a meeting by the family of one prominent Kitwe businessman(name withheld for reasons of propriety) whose wife is a member of her church. The family got concerned about the strange behaviour of this church member and the children who go to her church. The family got really disturbed because weird things started happening at this house in Riverside,Kitwe, which alarmed many observers. Pastor Jude gave instructions to maids of this house to gather dirt after sweeping the house even personal effects of the man and hand them over to her. What she would do with these things only God knows. This went on for sometime until the house guards and maids alerted the man of the house.

At this meeting Pastor Jude was put to shame by maids,guards and neighbours who exposed her weird practices of shame. To date this family is still traumatised by the revelations. They can’t believe that they were being lied to all along. Members of this church or anyone who knows one that goes to this church please warn them before they are led astry. This Pastor is a con and doesn’t mean well for families.

The Bible in1Timothy 1 vs 7 admonishes the following for those that desire to be Bishops or Pastors; “For Bishop must be blameless as a steward of God, not self willed…not a striker,not given to FILTHY LUCRE” (money obtained dishonestly). Pastor Jude loves filthy lucre!
(Below is the picture of Pastor Jude at the meeting last weekend).

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