Woman protests against Bible Society pastor

Woman protests against Bible Society pastor

Bible Society of Zambia (BSZ) former Translations and Media Officer Perdita Chenjela Friday staged a solo demonstration at Bible House against Zambia Police (ZP) failure to inspect or confiscate a gun her former boss BSZ General Secretary Evaristo Mambwe used during her assault on 9th February, 2011.

But her protest was interrupted three times by plain clothed police officers.

The two Zambia Police conversant with the matter and known to Mr Mambwe went to Mr Mambwe’s BSZ office before engaging Ms Chenjela who they asked to discontinue her protest and follow them to Millennium Police Post which she objected to. At that point, the police claimed Ms Chenjela’s cameraman Mpundu Chenga had photographed them.

They inspected all the photos on Chenga’s camera even if they realized there were no photos of themselves and still took Chenga to Millennium Police Post and could not release him and the camera, for about two hours, without follow up and support. Mr Mambwe was for most of the day in his office for the solo demonstration from 10:00 to 15:00.

Perdita Chenjela in black head band is a sandwich placard reading, “Bible Society Gun-ster is above ECZ/EFZ/CCZ, police, law, courts” whereas the rear placard God saves the power, money saves the rich.” And undersigned both sides as “16 days of activism against gender violence.”

Newton Lungu & Associates Managing Partner, is BSZ board Chairman whom Ms Chenjela petitioned about the miscalculation and Pastor Mambwe violent language before Small Claims Court (SCC) case and ruling in August 2011.

“I am not surprised how a professional accountant, a managing partner at that can fail to notice or can support K8m miscalculation. Worse, fail to act against Mr Mabwe after the court calculated for him. After all, the miscalculation led Mr Mambwe to assault me.”

The petition reads


Bible Society of Zambia Board President Newton Lungu, the managing partner of Newton Lungu & Associates and Bible Society of Zambia General Secretary Pastor Evaristo Mambwe must resign forthwith on moral grounds for

(1) allowing Bible Society of Zambia General Secretary to pull a gun in a Bible Society of Office, work place violence, against an unarmed and helpless woman

(2) allowing Mambwe to use BSZ lawyer and BSZ money in his defense,

(3) allowing Mambwe to keep in his office and to keep such gun for 10months

(4) supporting Mambwe’s miscalculation of K8m redundancy package recalculated and awarded to me by the Small Claims Court, especially that the said miscalculation caused the assault on me contrary to accounts ethics and professionalism

(5) assault and fighting at Bible Society is instant dismissal except for Mambwe for refusing and failing to handle matters administratively long before the courts

(6) for allowing Bible Society to be used as an armoury and money changing house

(7) for mismanagement and running down Bible Society for betraying donor and member confidence.

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