Woman says has continuos menstrual discharge after man shaved her pubic hair

A 33-year old woman of posa village in Mpulungu district has testified of how she has suffered from constant menstrual discharge after her man friend shaved pubic hair from her private parts.

Appearing before local court justice kalumba yesterday, Gloria Mazimba testified how her fiancé Joseph Mbao took for an outing to Tanga lodge in Mpulungu and soothed to shave her pubic hair as a promise of marriage .
Mazimba testified before a fully packed court session yesterday that , ever since the development , menstrual cycle has continued oozing  from her private parts .
Mazimba said that , she had fallen pregnant for Mbao twice in their affair and decided to quit that  is when he decided to take her out and showed her pubic hair as a means of a strong marriage promise .
She said that , Mbao popularly kwon  by his business name  as Musho  Hardware showed her pubic hair and wiped the dirty with a pink  face cloth.
And Mpulungu prominent businessman Mbao popularly kwon as Chamuluzi  has disclosed that Mbao is suspected to have done harm because at one time he approached him for assistance towards  the same matter.
He disclosed that Mazimba has been battling with her health ever since the last affair.
Joseph Mbao was sued for claim of reconciliation of sickness after the dependant refused to settle the matter domestically.
Meanwhile the case has been adjourned to June 18th for hearing after the complainant has gone complete medical examination.


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