Woman who inserted sand in rival’s private parts arrested

A 38 year old woman of Mpatamatu township who assaulted a 47 year old woman of the same area by inserting sand in her private parts after suspecting her of having an adulterous affair with her husband has been arrested by police.

Copperbelt Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga who confirmed the incident which happened on April 10, around 17.00 hours,said the case was only reported to the police last week.

Ms Katanga identified the suspect as Grace Kunda of house number 178/27.

Ms Katanga said Kunda allegedly hired six boys who aided her in assaulting the victim.

“Kunda was suspecting the victim to be flirting with her husband,so she hired six boys who stripped the victim naked in broad day light and in front of the other members of the public,”

“As if this was not enough,the same boys split the victim’s legs apart giving an opportunity to Kunda to allegedly start pinching the victim on her genitals and later inserting grains of sand in it.
Unfortunately, the victim did not report the matter to the police because she feared her husband would get wind of it,but the husband learnt of the incident when he saw his wife’s picture being molested circulating on social media, and that is how the whole issue was brought to our attention also,”Ms Katanga said.

She said Kunda had not disclosed the identities of the boys she allegedly acted with but that police had instituted investigations in to the matter to bring the others to book.

Ms Katanga said the victim’s genitals were swollen and that she sustained general body pains.

Kunda has been charged with indecent assault and she will appear in court soon.

Meanwhile the video has gone viral on various social media platforms.

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