Womanising Attorney General Malila appointed Supreme Court Judge

Womanising Attorney General Malila appointed Supreme Court Judge

malilaPresident Michael Sata has appointed womanising Attorney General Mumba Malila as Supreme Court Justice pending rubber-stamping by Parliament.

Information reaching the Watchdog is that the M’membe Wynter Kabimba wants Malila to eventually take over as Chief Justice.

By convention and normal practice, lawyers are first appointed as High Court Judges before being promoted to the Supreme Court.

Sata has appointed Solicitor General Musa Mwenye as Attorney General to replace Malila. Mwenye is also pending ‘ratification’ by Parliament.

Government sources have disclosed that Sata has already written to parliament to start the process of rubber-stamping.

Source said Chief State Advocate Joe Simachela Zaza is likely to take over from Musa Mwenye as Solicitor General.

Malila has strong libido issues. People close to him say he does not see a skirt without thinking of getting inside.

During his days as lecturer at University of Zambia, he is said to have ‘terrorised’ female students and was famous for awarding good grades in exchange for sex. Some of the students he ‘hammered’ have since passed on but some are in practice but the Watchdog will withhold the names, for now.

When former president Levy Mwanawasa appointed Mumba attorney General, he also forced him to go back to his wife. He had chased his wedded wife to concentrate on ‘importing.’

The process of Ratification by parliament does not involve HIV testing.

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