Women challenged to participate in elections

A Parliamentarian has called on Women to stand as one and support each other to take up leadership positions as they have motherly hearts and can contribute to the social and economic development in the country.
United Party for National Development (UPND) Katombola Member of Parliament (MP) Regina Musokotwane said in an interview that  women, if united have the potential to take the nation to greater heights, adding that they should not relent but challenge men by contesting political positions as the country goes to the polls later this year.
Musokotwane noted that al though Education is vital in leadership it is no guarantee that one will be a good leader, therefore, it should not be used as an excuse to leave women behind because an aspiring leader should be one who has a heart for the people.
She cited that there are men in the current parliament who are not employed on merit as they cannot express themselves as their Education levels are low compared to some female Members of Parliament.
The MP appealed to her fellow parliamentarians to show humility and focus on serving the electorate as they are servants and not bosses in their constituency, adding that being a leader does not mean you are the most elite in the area just because you have been accorded the opportunity to guide.

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