Women should be given dress code-Jubilee member

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Jubilee Zambia has bemoaned the rate at which ‘indecent’ dressing is becoming common-place in society.

Jubilee Zambia member Ray Mwape told Zanis in Ndola today how demoralizing and pathetic today’s dressing is.

He said the younger generation of today need a dress code to promote decent dressing, espectially among  women.

He said churches should play a leading role in bringing about positive change in how human beings should dress in society, adding that provocative dressing has even not spared some of the older people.

Mr. Mwape said the indecent exposure of certain body parts of the women does not set a good example to youths, because women are generally regarded as mothers of the human race.

He called on the church to do more, through its various programmes in promoting decent dressing among women and the younger generation.

He also advised the electronic and print media to avoid displaying indecent adverts which send wrong messages to the public in a bid to make huge profits.

He said Jubilee Zambia wanted to promote a society where there was fairness, justice and respect for human rights.

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