Women who inserted bottle in another woman jailed 18 years

Women who inserted bottle in another woman jailed 18 years

The Ndola High Court has sentenced to 18 years imprisonment to two out of the five Ndola women who inserted a bottle into another woman’s private parts.

This is in case where five women were alleged to have assaulted Denise Mwanakumbwila and occasioned her actual bodily harm on December 1, 2018.

In count one, it was alleged that the five jointly and whilst acting together, abducted Denise with the intention of putting her in danger of being subjected to grievous bodily harm.

In count two, the five were charged with indecent assault on a female after the victim was suspected to be having an affair with the husband to one of the accused women.

However, the other three accused have been acquitted.

When the matter came up for sentencing this morning, Ndola High Court Judge-in-charge Emelia Sunkutu said the lower court was on firm grounds to convict the two.

In mitigation, Legal Aid Counsel Kenneth Tembo said the convicts were remorseful.

However, Judge Sunkutu said the wickedness among young people was shocking adding that the act offended and insulted the women folk.

During the entire trial, the victim refused to testify before court after she disappeared, a situation which has saddened Judge Sunkutu.

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