‘Women with children, Army commander’s cook, batman among recruited cadets’

Mr Editor,
My heart bleeds with disgust at the way the recent Army recruitment was done. In all fairness, it was a circus ! At the same time, however, I would like to appreciate the Anti Corruption Commision’s decision to move in and correct the mess.  The final list of successful Officer Cadets in their second week of training at MILTEZ, Kabwe, leaves much to be desired. It is full of senior officers dependants with very wierd examples such as the following
-2 Cadets with the same surname, Chitalima, that are children of a Brig General Chitalima.
-A Colonel Musenga’s step-daughter that is married and has children ! (The Requirement was single and without children)
-The Army Commander’s Batman ( A soldier that does personal tasks like cleaning boots, washing and ironing uniforms etc)
-The Army Commander’s cook with very questionable academic qualifications.
The immiediate 2 examples above involve soldiers above are ALREADY in employment so what is our beloved Army Commander doing to support the ‘More jobs’ PF slogan if he is recruiting serving personel as officer officer cadets at the expense of tens of thousands of unemployed youths roaming our streets. Annoyingly, there are some cadets that were not even on the initial list that was published in the newspapers ! My urgent recommendation is that the whole process whould be started and this time, TEVETA or other independent recruiting bodies should be engaged to select and then provide the army with the list of academically qualified candidates. The Army can then proceed to conduct their own medical and physical tests using the National Sports Council of Zambia, Ministry of Health and many other stakeholders. Its is only through this way that we can have a ‘Peoples Army’ and not an army critically pregnant with illiterate dependants whose only interest is to get rich quickly through nepotistic promotions and appointments that would be influenced by their guardians as the case is now. Lastly, commanders that are found wanting should resign on moral grounds for failing the people of Zambia.

“Pissed off Combatant”
Army HQ

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