Women, youth empowerment programmes for PF cadres only

Women, youth empowerment programmes for PF cadres only

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) government has developed a youth and women empowerment programmes targeted at their party cadres only.

In an advert running in government funded and controlled Zambia Daily Mail, the PF informs all its esteemed registered members that the party be conducting tailoring and computer courses for women and youths in Lusaka.

“Members who are interested in the above courses are requested to register with their respective constituency committees who shall forward the recommended two names per constituency to District Committee for onward submission to the Secretary General’s office (Winter Kabimba).”

According the advert, this was in line with the PF party manifesto to empower the women and the youths in the party. However, the advert does not state which government ministry, department or training institution they will be trained from.

During the youth day rally in March, President Michael Sata said his government was working on a programme to empower youths and women in the country. He however did not specify that the programmes were only for registered PF members.

During inauguration, President Sata had assured that his government will be for all Zambians regardless of party affiliations.

But in the recent past, most of the appointments and now empowerment programmes are sidelining the majority Zambians in preference for PF cadres regardless of academic qualifications.

Editor’s note:
We urge as many Zambians as possible to register for these and other beneficial programmes. But when time for decision making comes, use the simple slogan of ‘Donchi Kubeba’.

The PF has been in opposition for more than 10 years now without implementing any such programmes. Where have they suddenly found the money?

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