Women’s Day: One day it’ll be Everyday

By  Kupela Clarke

Reports of police men, teachers, grandfathers and even fathers, defiling girls or beating their wives are depressing and indicate the presence of a bigger problem. Poor pay for hard work as police officers, maids, road sweepers, secretaries and nurses is despicable, showing more symptoms of the same problem. Horror stories of women dying in child birth due to poor prioritization of reproductive health are tragic, but make clear the nature of the root cause of Zambia’s injustices towards us.

Women are less powerful in Zambia than men. Thus, the injustices against us are perpetuated year after year. With little to no representation at all levels of leadership, we will continue to suffer at the hands of a male dominated society.  Our goal this women’s day should not be to march pointlessly, but to fight every other day towards achieving 50% representation in Zambia’s positions of power.

We must be groomed to stand for parliament, to lead trade unions, to run media houses and defend not just the sexual health of our young women, but especially their future’s. This will be so when women run alongside men, not as daughters, not as wives or girlfriends, but as equal leaders. Our futures hold more for us than pitiful servitude in marriage and lousy salaries.

Kupela is a Young Women in Action Member.

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