Women’s Lobby joins condemnation of PF attacks on women

The Zambian National Women’s Lobby has joined the bandwagon of women civil society organisations that have strongly condemned the brutal act of undressing women by outgoing President Edgar Lungu’s thugs.
Women’s Lobby Chairperson Beauty Katebe said on Tuesday that the current level of political intolerance and violence should not be downplayed as it was likely to deteriorate if not checked.
Katebe said her organisation was concerned about women in political parties who in their quest to participate in politics are falling prey to the machinations of disgruntled political (PF) cadres.
‘We refer to a particular incident in which a woman was stripped naked for being clad in United Party for National Development (UPND) regalia. We find such an occurrence appalling, shameful and unacceptable in a democracy such as ours,’ Katebe complained.
She said it was unfortunate that women are now targets of these inhuman acts which are unacceptable in Zambia’s political sphere and demanded for justice for the victim who suffered a great indignity at the hands of the PF cadres.
Katebe stressed that every Zambian regardless of gender has a right to belong to a political party of their choice and therefore should freely exercise this right without fear of victimization.
She has called for genuine commitment from all stakeholders especially the political parties to maintain law and order before and after the elections and particularly implored the police to perform their duties diligently by not being selective in the manner they handle cases of violence.
Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has been pretending to be championing women’s rights by singing that his party will give 40 percent of parliamentary adoptions to women yet he has remained mute over the despicable attacks on women by his PF youth militias.

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