Worker killed at Chinese operated mine

One miner has died in an underground accident at the  Chinese owned Collum Coal Mine while two
others are battling for their lives at Maamba Hospital in Sinazongwe district.

ZANIS reports that Sinazongwe District Administrative Officer Sokoluku Daka, Sinazongwe Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene and Nkanddabwe Ward Councilor Partson Mangunje confirmed the accident that happened on Tuesdays at 13:30 hours.

Mr. Daka named the deceased as Gibson Siachivwenya aged 37 and the two injured person as Wispo Mayiya aged 36, and Dought Mudenda aged 23.

Meanwhile, Sinazongwe Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene has condemned the incident and attributed it to poor safety measures that the company management have been using to conduct their underground mining activities.

Mr. Siamunene called on the Ministry of Mines to give the public the full details of the report pertaining to the operations of the mine where accidents have continued to occur.

And Nkanddabwe Ward Councilor Partson Mangunje said government should look into the safety of the mine to protect the lives of miners.

Mr. Mangunje said despite the Ministry of Mines officers inspecting all shafts at the mine the public has not been informed about the safety of the Chinese owned Collum Coal mine.

He alleged that management has no qualified personnel to handle the explosives used for blasting underground.

And Geshom Muchindu a miner who was underground at the time of the accident disclosed that the accident occurred after blasting underground.

Mr. Muchindu alleged that before dust settled the Chinese supervisor ordered them to go and work in the tunnel where blasting had just been done.

He said a rock fail on three of the miners and killed one on the spot while the others were severely injured.

And one of the injured, Dought Mudenda also said the Chinese Supervisor only named as Ruin forced them to enter the tunnel where blasting was done and allegedly threatened them that he would deduct their working hours if they refused.

However, the Chinese supervisors at Shaft three where the accident happened refused to comment and claimed that they did not understand English.

The body of the deceased miner is at Maamba Hospital Mortuary.


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