Workers at cholera centre go on strike

We told you that Edgar Lungu and Chitalu Chilufya will steal money meant for fighting cholera.
Can you imagine all those huge sums of money donated to fight cholera?
Now workers at Heroes cholera center (CTC) have gone on strike because the ministry has fail d to pay them allowances.

Workers are told to get k50 a day, which they regard an insult


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    some Zambia’s are so docile their accustomed to hardships good to hear that.

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    people that are immuned to pain and poverty easily forgets.Chicken life style.

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      bashinon 2 weeks

      your are correct grant. Zambians in general are so content to hardship and poverty, hence do not expect anything more from leadership. They do not understand that leaders are supposed to serve them, the voters.

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    samlindo 2 weeks

    JK should also be taken to task for singing dununa reverse and cheating the Zambians when we reach mount Zion

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    Muwerewere 2 weeks

    What is going my hard working Minister of Health, please spare us from what is being reported if it is true that workers involved in combating cholera have not been paid their dues have gone on GO SLOW. May the powers BE them off and let life continue normally. I remember one high ranking GRZ official stating that the donations (some) were meant to pay public workers and others involved in combating the spread of cholera. Now what has gone wrong?

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    Mzee Hekima 2 weeks

    I will not clap for the workers you are the same dununa reverse characters. Cry the beloved country.

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    Musonda 2 weeks

    Imagine a country where patients are being treated in a stadium after 50yrs of independence….for that matter with a population of 16 million…what a joke!Docility at its best..Yet some lunatics will tell you that all is fine…And they will sing Lungu`s name until nothing is Left…As the saying goes…they are like flies following a coffin in the grave…lol

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      TK 2 weeks

      Wasosa mune Musonda i think umuungulu muchalo wachila.

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      Bilton 2 weeks

      They wanted dununa reverse so suffer to learn somthing