Workers at International company ACE Global go ten months without salaries

Several workers from Audit Control and Expertise (ACE) Global which deals with collateral contracts with Nyiombo Fertilisers and the Food Reserve Agency among others have gone for ten months without salaries. The company has also not been remitting money to National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) since 2012 and is planning to close by March.

The workers’ demands for their money have been met with threats of closing the company by Regional manager Dora Nyambe, and dismiss them. While the senior managers at country Head office in Foxdale business court most of whom are related to Dora have been paying themselves, the officers in regions have been denied salaries. Some members of Dora’s family chain include Human Resource manager Nicola Chilanga and her husband who is the Technical Support Services manager.

Some of the affected workers told the Watchdog that their efforts to engage the labour ministry have not yielded results and are now worried as to what would become of them after the closure because the company’s head office is in Dubai where the money has been externalised. The company also has business interests in Malawi.

But other sources close to the company have disclosed that the company’s problems have been heightened by Nyiombo’s political affiliation with the MMD when it was in power while investigations by the Zambian Watchdog reveal that the company had its contract terminated by Standard Chartered Bank in a letter dated 9th December 2015 and replaced with Drum Commodities Limited (DCL) as standard Chartered Bank’s collateral management agents.



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