Workers in Mongu fired for links to UPND, NGO victimised in Mporokoso

Avic International the company working on Mongu Kalabo road has fired more than 70 workers for allegedly supporting United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema.
In Northern province, the PF is victimising a development agency called Self Help Project for allegedly supporting UPND.
The PF is panicking by the support the UPND is receiving especially among farmers that in areas like Mporokoso.
The PF, realising that farmers are likely to vote for UPND are now targeting directors of ‘Self Help’ and Irish Aid.
PF Provincial Minister of Northern Province, Freedom Freedom Sikazwe says ‘Self Help’ is using its resources to support UPND.

Sikazwe says he is going to complain to Irish Aid. According to Sikazwe, ‘Self Help’ is telling farmers that the resources they are receiving are from UPND.
The PF have neglected farmers in the whole country leaving development agencies such as ‘self Help’ to fill the gap and support farmers but now the PF is harassing the people assisting farmers.
In Western province, the poor workers were fired after Mongu PF Mayor Bright Tombi threatened to revoke the licence fo Avic International if they do not fire workers suspected to be supporting UPND.
Tombi and his PF team were not happy and felt painful that all Avic-International employees loaded in trucks were fond of flashing the UPND symbol whenever they were entering town center on their way to and from the construction site.

According to the workers who did not want to have their names mentioned, the visibly annoyed Tombi shouted on top of his voice at the Avic-International Construction site threatening that Avic International shall never be given any job to do in Zambia and that all the workers risk being jobless as government will invalidate the current contract.

Tombi who is also Kanyonyo ward councilor was however ignored by Avic International supervisors and just left without a word from them to the cheering and booing by the workers.

The employees explained that their supervisors told them that they ignored Tombi because as much as they are not taking partisan sides their employees who are Zambians citizens were free to express their political preferences.

They said they were however surprised later that they were told that their contracts have been terminated with immediate effect without reasons.

And UPND Western Province Presidential Advisor Namatama Mupo has advised Tombi to concentrate on civic duties he was elected for and stop threatening an innocent company and its employees.

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