World Bank team to visit Zambia

A team of World Bank officials are expected in the country to assess Zambia’s performance in reducing the cost of doing business.

Zambia is currently ranked number 90 out of 1 hundred and 78 countries rated under the cost of doing business.

Commerce and Trade Minister FELIX MUTATI disclosed that the team will arrive at the end of this month.

Mr MUTATI said that government is optimistic that Zambia will move up the rank because of the progress made to revise licences, starting a business and the one stop border post.

He told journalists yesterday that government is confident that the country will move up the index.

And Commerce Permanent Secretary Dr BULETI NSEMUKILA said ZAMBIA is attracting a lot of investment because of the doing business assesment ranking by the World Bank.

Dr NSEMUKILA said that a lot of investors have shown confidence in ZAMBIA because of the ranking by the World Bank.

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