World Banks reaffirm support to govt

The World Bank has reaffirmed its support to the Zambian Government in its effort to diversify the economy from copper mining to agriculture.

The bank says it also fully supports government’s campaign to diversify the economy from growing maize only to other field crops.

World Bank Zambia country office, Agriculture expert Indira Ekanayake said this in Choma yesterday at the commissioning of a new seed
testing laboratory build by the Zambian government with support from the world Bank.

Dr Enakayake said the establishment of a seed testing facility under the ministry of agriculture in choma is a turning point in the Bank’s
support to the agricultural sector in Zambia as this puts into practice the decentralized service delivery.

She said the laboratory is intended to meet the Zambian government’s aspiration to diversify both the economy and agriculture by improving
the productivity of key crop production systems for small holder producers in Southern province.

Dr Enakayake said meeting the challenges of inclusive growth is dependent on how the smallholder producers particularly those in rural
areas are assisted.

She said successful service delivery in the province through the newly commissioned laboratory will encourage the world bank and other donors
to support the Zambian government to expand decentralized seed testing capacity and upgrade similar laboratories in other provinces.

Dr Enakayake said the Choma laboratory will enhance the government’s effort to increase the role of rural farmers in the economy and
diversify agriculture production to raise its share of its contribution to Zambia Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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