Worshipping Lungu instead of God

Kindly allow me to express my anger and disapointment on your forum.. I find it uncalled for and as total idiocy for some people to call themselves CHRISTIANS FOR LUNGU. I never thought zambians can be brainwashed to this extent of worshipping a fellow creature. When did lungu become christ? When did state house become heaven for people to be jumping around thinkng they are in paradise. How genuine is lungu who calls himself a christian and humble to accept to be worshiped…cry my beloved country. This poverty and hunger for power should not force us to BLASPHEM GOD. Remember the 7 years of king nebucchardnezar. Please mr president, tell your supporters to just campaign for u and leave christ out of this mediocrity. christ=christians lungu=? Am very disaponted and anoid. I will not keep quiet wen u are insulting my GOD

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